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Self-defeating thoughts can come when we least expect them and tear down our self-esteem and break our spirits. Stand up to them and choose joy instead with five ways to overcome self-defeating thoughts.

How can you build Bauhaus-style furniture simply at home? Architect and designer Van Bo Le-Mentzel shows how to create minimalist classics in the DIY series "How to Bauhaus" on the 100th anniversary of the design school.

Photo Credit: DW/R. Kalus

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It’s out with the old and in with the new, and we’re ready to say hello to bright beginnings in 2020.

It's a special night that is celebrated around the world, but Germans have their own set of traditions on New Year's Eve, which they call "Silvester."

Photo Credit: Michael Schulz

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New Year's Eve is known as Silvester in Austria, referring to the anniversary of Saint Sylvester's death. Here's how to celebrate Austrian-style.

Photo Credit: Andre Karwath

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A mentorship program has more in store than just for the mentee. If you’re not sure whether mentoring is right for you, take a look at these eight ways becoming a mentor can benefit you.

While the gifts in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” may be a little strange by today’s standards, you can still celebrate by giving gifts in your community. Check out this unique spin on 12 ways you can show you care this holiday season.

Do you hang a Christmas pickle on your tree? Is there a reward for the person who finds the pickle? Do you think that it is an old German tradition? Well, unfortunately, the German Christmas pickle is not Christmas fact but holiday fiction. However, with German-Americans making up one of the largest ancestry groups in the U.S., there are many German traditions that Americans have adopted throughout the years.

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There are few places in the world where Christmas feels more alive than in Germany. The Christmas Markets of Germany, spread throughout the country from big city extravaganzas to tiny village traditions, are focal points for the visitor seeking a truly festive experience.

Photo Credit: Alisa Anton

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Making a new, healthy habit that sticks can be pretty difficult. If you want to begin a habit that you can actually stick with, check out these useful tips.