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Einstufungstest (Placement Test)

We recommend completing an Einstufungstest (placement test) to determine which level would be the best fit based on your previous German knowledge.

The placement exam consists of 3 separate parts, as well as an independent answer sheet “Einstufungstest Antwortblatt.”

You will need to print out the placement test and answer sheet and fill out the answer sheet by hand. Once you've completed the test, scan the answer sheet to your computer and email the completed file to It is important that all your answers are written to the “Einstufungstest Antwortblatt,” as this is the only  file we will review.

Please start with the file “Einstufungstest Teil A” and proceed to the file “Einstufungstest Teil B,” if you feel confident. Finish the test with the file “Einstufungstest Teil C”. The questions become increasingly harder with each section. If you find yourself guessing most of the answers, feel free to stop and submit what you were able to finish. 

We will evaluate the placement test within 2-3 business days and contact you via email with the results.

If you are unsure which course is best suited for you, we will gladly discuss the various options. Please contact our Language Program Director at (404) 892-2388 or

We look forward to welcoming you in one of our language classes soon!