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German instruction for youth

Group classes for high school students

GROUP TUTORING FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS is back! Does your 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade high school student need extra practice with conversation, speaking, listening, and reading comprehension? Do they need to review certain grammar concepts outside school? 

Five weeks of group practice with one of our instructors can help. Choose one session a week or two sessions a week.

Individual Instruction for ages 12 through 18

For parents looking for individualized German instruction or tutoring for their kids ages 12 through 16, we are offering Individual Instruction with highly skilled and dedicated instructors. We can create personalized lesson plans. For consultation and to receive our discounted youth pricing for your student, please email our Language Department at or call 404-892-2388, option 1. Our instructors work with language learners as well as heritage speakers. We use age appropriate textbooks and teaching materials with young students. 

Our instructors can prepare your child or teen for certification via our Goethe exams for children and youth:

A1 Fit in Deutsch Exam - motivational exam for children from age 10
A2 Fit in Deutsch Exam - youth exam for ages 12 and up
B1 Zertifikat - Youth version available - for ages 12 and up
B2 Zertifikat - Youth version available - for ages 15 and up 
C1 Zertifikat - adult exam only, minimum age is 16|
C2 Zertifikat / GDS (Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom) - adult exam only, minimum age is 18

For more information about exam dates and registration, please visit our central Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta exam webpage