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ONLINE COURSES: Register for the 2020 Fall Quarter!

All German language courses for the Fall Quarter 2020 (September 19 – December 4, 2020 ) are now listed!

The courses will remain ONLINE for this quarter. We will constantly evaluate the situation and listen to the experts to determine when it is safe to resume our face-to-face courses.

Click the links to the right to view specific courses and to register now.

Regular Courses

We offer a variety of Regular Courses, each with a 10-week duration. A 10-week regular course meets for 25 hours per quarter. Because we understand that other responsibilities and commitments can prevent our students from attending a full 10-week session, we also offer the opportunity to enroll in the first 5 weeks or last 5 weeks of each course for 12.5 hours per quarter.


Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses are designed for students desiring to learn at a more advanced pace. Students will complete all four sub-sections of the level at an accelerated pace with concentrated lessons twice per week.


Specialized Courses

We offer a variety of Specialized Courses that focus on a specific set of skills or a specific topic, such as Exam Preparation, Skill Practice, and Culture & Society. These courses vary from quarter to quarter, and we always welcome student suggestions for new course themes!