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Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are designed for students desiring to learn and advance more quickly, frequently with the goal of taking a Goethe or other exam by a certain date, often with the goal of obtaining a spousal or au-pair visa. Students will complete all four sub-sections of the level at an accelerated pace within 20 weeks, with concentrated lessons twice per week and more home study and practice than our regularly paced quarterly courses. All Intensive courses are offered as synchronous instructor-led virtual classes.

Our Intensive Courses begin twice a year: in January and in July. We currently offer the A1 and A2 level at the intensive pace.

The time commitment for an intensive course is 2x3 hours of instructor-led class per week plus about six to ten hours of homework and study work per week, depending on available exposure to the language outside class time and previous experience learning a language. Homework and study work include work in the textbook and workbook assigned by the instructor as well as daily independent memorization of vocabulary, daily spelling and flashcard practice, daily grammar review and practice, watching videos and listening to audios in German at the appropriate level, and other tasks. 

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