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Dates & Conditions



Courses are offered throughout the year in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall quarters.

2024 Dates for our 10-week in-person and virtual courses

Winter 2024
January 8 - March 18, 2024

Spring 2024
April 8 - June 17, 2024

Summer 2024
July 8 - September 16, 2024

Fall 2024
September 30 - December 14, 2024

For Intensive Learning course dates and options, check our Intensive Learner section.

Please note that the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta recognizes the following holidays and does not hold course meetings on their occurrences:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day 
  • Independence Day 
  • Labor Day 
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Week
  • December 23 - January 1 Christmas/New Year's Holiday


1. General Requirements
1.1. Unless otherwise specified, group course participants must be at least 16 years of age.
1.2. The Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta (referred to hereinafter as "GZ") offers individual and small group instruction for age groups as specified on the website via Zoom or in-person based on instructor availability for the requested time, language level, and format.

2. Terms of Payment
2.1. Course fees are due in full at time of enrollment unless individual arrangements are made with the Business Office for installment payments. Installment payments are due by their deadlines published or agreed upon with the business office.
2.2. If payment is not received by the due date, the participant loses the right to participate. In such cases, the GZ retains its entitlement to the course fee.

3. Course fees
3.1. The contractually binding fee is the fee stated in the price list current at the time of enrollment. 
3.2. Course fees cannot be prorated for those joining a course late or absences in a course.

4. Cancellation and refunds
4.1. The following conditions apply if the course participant is unable to take part in the course: In case of cancellation up to five working days prior to the start of the course, GZ will refund the course fee. In case of cancellation within five working days prior to the start of the course, GZ will withhold 50% of the course fee. In case of cancellation or withdrawal after the course starts, no refunds can be issued, regardless of whether or not the student has begun attending the course. 
4.2. Cancellations must be submitted in writing via email to and The date of cancellation shall be the date of the email.
4.3  Memberships are valid for 12 months from date of purchase and provide discounts on cultural events, lifestyle events, classes, and group courses. Membership purchases are non-refundable. 

5. Course level assignment / class size
5.1. Placement in course levels is based on the placement test conducted at the GZ and the resulting course recommendation. 
5.2. Our courses have at least four and at most 15 participants. If enrollments are insufficient three days before the first class of the course, we reserve the right to cancel the course for the quarter or semester. In this case, we will offer the participants the opportunity to move to another course or to receive a full refund of the course fee. To avoid cancellations of courses that would have taken place if participants had enrolled before our course scheduling deadline, we advise students in their own interests to register early in the enrollment period.
5.3. If the course level enrolled in turns out to be a mismatch for the student’s skill level, the instructor will make a recommendation to switch to a different course. In this situation, the GZ will work with the student and instructors to place the student in the best course for their individual skill level within the first two weeks of the course. No course changes are possible after the first two course weeks.
5.4. Course levels are offered based on instructor availability and prerequisites for courses. Not all course levels are offered each quarter or semester.

6. Course dates/instructors
6.1. The GZ cannot guarantee a specific instructor for a course. Substitute teachers meet all qualification requirements for GZ instructors.
6.2. The GZ reserves the right to add one instructional week past the published course period in case that instructor illness or an accident lead to short-notice cancellation of a class session.  

7. Responsibilities of participants
Participants must comply with the course rules and house rules applicable to the GZ.

8. Liability of the GZ
The liability of GZ and its staff is limited to intent and gross negligence. GZ also accepts no liability for the cancellation of its services due to force majeure (e.g. storms and other natural disasters, fire, floods, war, official orders and all other circumstances beyond the control of the contractual parties)