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Specialized Courses

We offer a variety of courses that focus on a specific set of skills or a specific topic, such as Exam Preparation, Skill Practice, and Culture & Society. These courses vary from quarter to quarter, and we always welcome student suggestions for new course themes!

Classes are typically 2.5-hour meetings with a 15 minute break. Some specialized courses are designated as "short" courses, meaning the course meetings only last 1.5 hours with no break.

With a Goethe-Zentrum Membership*, the short courses cost $260 for a full 10-week course or $130 for the 5-week option, and other specialized courses cost $390 for the 10-week course or $195 for the 5-week option. 

*Please note: all current language course participants are required to have an active membership for the duration of the course should they be purchasing the course at the member rate. If you purchase a membership prior to registering but have not yet received your membership number, please indicate "pending" when prompted for your membership number in the registration form.